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Why you should focus working on one website?


I have entered the Internet Marketing World in 2009 and earned my first money from the internet. Back then what i thought is i will have enough money in 10 years and i would not have to worry afterwards. Well, things did not turn exactly how i thought. It’s 2019 now and nothing has really changed, my dreams are still far from achieving.

Money comes, money goes – simple like that

You always need to save money for future changes and new projects. My biggest mistake is when i reached the desired amount for a website to earn, i immediately would jump in for another website and work on that one. I used to buy hundreds of domains and add little to no content to them and they were earning me a decent amount of money.

However, the mistake i was doing and did not notice, is my main website that was earning me above average salary, was losing income and i was losing money. I was busy working on the other sites, instead keeping my main website up to date, interesting and with more content. My readers were slowly disappearing, the website was being outranked on Search Engines.

I realized that i won’t make much money having so much websites as i won’t have time to add content to all of them. Of course, today we can automate almost everything, but Search Engines do not like robots, automated blogs and duplicate content.

I decided to just forget about my other domains, sell them and invest my time in my main website, which turned out to work perfectly. So if you ever want to work on multiple websites or project at once, make sure you have your own team or virtual assistant to help you, so that you still have time to dedicate for your main website.

If you are not able to pay for a good writer or manager for your other websites, or you can not find a virtual assistant to do some work for you, then you should not start other websites.

Focus on your main website, if you want to be successful and even when it reaches a point that satisfies you, you should not stop, but you should dedicate even more time to it and keep it up to date with fresh and latest content.