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How to identify the reason your website is not ranking


A lot of people face this issue when getting started with Link Building & SEO. You do everything correctly, you create unique and high quality content and Search Engines not even index your posts. You go and spend hundreds on dollars for SEO, build more content and still no results.

The reasons:

  • Cheap or Free Theme that was used by thousands already
  • Corrupted theme
  • Nulled theme with backdoors and viruses

We have faced the same issue, been there, done that so let me tell you a thing. The problem is not the content, the links you built or the SEO package your purchased. It’s your website itself.

Most of the times, people choose to buy a cheap theme for their website, which is corrupt, or prefer to use a free theme (that thousands of people used in the past, loaded with duplicate content again and again). Others, decide to use their hacking skills and grab a nulled theme. The last one, is the biggest mistake one can make when getting into the online world. Using these nulled themes is something that you can definitely avoid, since they are loaded with tons of backdoors and your website will start spamming everywhere, which will result in removal for your domain from Search Engines? Have you asked yourself if your theme is genuine? If you have not, as a precaution you should double check that. Always use genuine and themes that are high quality and ensure you have paid for them and they are from a trusted vendor.