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Santa Claus Has Arrived on SEOClerks

The holly jolly season has started on SEOClerks with Santa’s arrival and there is no better way to cheer people up than providing real discounts for services, right? SEOClerks never had a Santa before, so this year we decided to go one step further and be your Santa Claus!

December is a month full of joy, food, family, snow and presents. It’s a time to slow down and to reflect on the year that passed. So make sure you don’t waste time on coming up with witty SEO, Link Building and Marketing Projects, we got you covered. Instead, make your hot chocolates, watch some Christmas Movies and enjoy your time with your family. Let the SEOClerks Santa Claus do all this work for you at a bargain price!

Santa’s Thoughts for SEOClerks
SEOClerks is probably the best marketplace for Digital Marketing services and the only marketplace that has friendly support and not the usual robot answers that other similar marketplaces have!
If you are not a buyer, seller or affiliate yet, it is worth registering on SEOClerks and make 2020 one of the most successful years in your Internet Marketing journey!

Santa’s Review for SEOClerks
SEOClerks means success and only success! There is no way you will ever fail on SEOClerks, no matter if you decide to be a buyer, seller or affiliate.
Our team is proud to be a part of such a wonderful community and marketplace, we personally use SEOClerks to outsource projects for our daily website’s needs, earn money and tell our friends about services we found here – SEOClerks Even Pays You For That!

Santa’s Recommendations For Having a Successful Year
1. Santa recommends the SEOClerks Affiliate Program
May the new year be only about prosperity and profit for everyone that will decide to try the SEOClerks Affiliate Program!
Being a SEOClerks Affiliate is so easy, let’s say you found a service that is a real “gold mine”, all you have to do it is share it with your affiliate link and SEOClerks will pay you for that plus give them free $5 to spend! That’s right, by sharing the services you have used here with someone – friend, relative, buddy you met online, if you use your affiliate link, you get paid 10% commission for that. What makes SEOClerks even better, if that user registers on SEOClerks, you will earn 10% commissions for life and for any service they purchase. We even have over 100 SEOClerks Affiliate Stores that automate all of this!
To date, we have 16,199,383 affiliate services shared, 334 affiliate users (whenever they buy something we earn 10%) and they purchased $22,846.00 in services from SEOClerks! This is called easy money and also supports the marketplace and community! 

2. Santa recommends SEOClerks services and sellers
They work very hard, that’s why next year will be your happy year. May everything you buy ends up being a huge success.
If you want to rank, get some traffic, clicks or promote your Social Media Campaigns and you have no idea where to start, SEOClerks is the place to come. With thousands of sellers and services in the niche, if you are careful when ordering, you will find what you need. If you are already into Internet Marketing and already having experience in this field, you can save yourself some time and outsource SEOClerks services for your projects.
You can also start your own SEO or Digital Marketing agency and outsource work from SEOClerks if you know what you are doing. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can spend a few days this beautiful winter drinking hot coffee in your home and reading posts by our fellow member Tommy Carey who enjoys writing about the topic and sharing his past experiences.
To date, we have outsourced 3,089 services from various SEOClerks sellers and most of the time we had a positive experience working with them. We still use these sellers for our daily marketing needs and they also help us earn some extra money by outsourcing! 

3. Santa recommends SEOClerks for sellers
It is very hard to be a seller and a salesperson, but somehow you make it look so easy. May the next year be full of success and good deals. Unlike other marketplaces that are over-saturated and if you join now it’s already too late, the way SEOClerks is designed is to keep their established users get orders from regulars, while providing newbies multiple ways to get more clients on SEOClerks. SEOClerks has a great Levels system and the more good you do the higher Level you get!
SEOClerks awards it’s users with FREE BOOSTS whenever they do something good for the community – create a post, buy a service, deliver a service on time and so on. We have been awarded over 50,000 FREE BOOSTS over the years and look where we are! Optionally, you can support your business with PAID BOOSTS and buy a bunch of them. A PAID BOOST will give you more perks such as your service being highlighted and re-bumped after a few hours. PAID BOOSTS are proven to be working and they would bring you 300% to 500% ROI if you are providing a high quality service. We have purchased 6,340 PAID BOOSTS over the years spending $2536 on that and our minimum ROI was always 200%.
SEOClerks also offers Permanently Feature for services that is a really powerful feature for established providers and big players in the SEO game. We have been permanently featured for 11 months, all we can say it was a really good investment and helped us become one of the Top 5 Providers on SEOClerks.
To date we have delivered 40,015 orders, received 17,148 positive feedbacks and made 724 people feel extremely satisfied with our services that made them leave a very long recommendation for us!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Santa has arrived on SEOClerks and will be processing your orders this holiday season slashing prices by up to 80% OFF! Below you’ll find cute, funny, sassy and most importantly, awesome SEO and Digital Marketing Deals for your website with special Christmas Pricing… Ready, set, go!