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The Most Important Ranking Factors


Over the years, we have seen Search Engines create new algorithms, things that used to work before no longer provide results. Our long journey into this field allows us to discuss this openly and we can tell you the most important ranking factors according to us.

  • Site Optimization and Speed
  • Unique Content and Useful Articles
  • High Authority Backlinks and High Quality Link Building
  • Social Signals, Shoutouts and good Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Unique Videos and lots of Video Marketing Campaigns

1. Site Optimization and Speed

The first thing you should consider doing before proceeding to more advanced tasks for your website is site optimization. You need to ensure your website loads fast, your images are optimized. You need to afford more money for hosting your website if you want to be successful. Consider using a VPS instead Shared Hosting as sooner or later your website will need more resources. Avoid using corrupted themes, plugins and scripts.

2. Unique Content and Useful Articles

You need to invest some time in your content and write articles that people find useful if you want Search Engines to see the value your website has. The days where you just copy and paste content from other websites, or rewrite their articles are long gone. You need to focus on quality and things that are useful to people. If you succeed to get some organic traffic writing in a topic that you enjoy, you will succeed ranking your site.

3. High Authority Backlinks and High Quality Link Building

Software, backlinks nukes, scrapers and blog comment spammers? Forget that! In the past, some people used blackhat methods to rank their websites, but today, this will only bring negative effect on your rankings. What Search Engines want to see today are organic links, posts about your website on blogs with extremely high authority, reviews and mentions on websites that are related in your niche. Make sure your link building strategy is focused on quality.

4. Social Signals, Shoutouts and good Digital Marketing Strategy

Without Social Media, there is not even a single chance for success. Everyone is using Social Networks. If you want organic traffic from people that are interested in your niche, you need to start representing yourself on Social Networks. You need to interact with people in your niche, provide them the content they want to see. If they see it, Search Engines will also notice you as most of the Social Networks are already partnered with Search Engines.

5. Unique Videos and lots of Video Marketing Campaigns

First thing worth mentioning is that people love videos. If your videos are engaging, your conversion rate will always be higher. You will get more traffic from videos uploaded on Video Sharing Websites. But, that is not all. Video Networks have high reputation and your videos will also get indexed on Search Engines and pass the juice to your website. If your video ranks higher, sooner or later it will pull your website up as well.

The days when you could cheat the Search Engines are long gone. If you want to succeed ranking your website, you need to focus on organic methods, unique content, high quality links and helpful articles.