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Why you should avoid buying SEO services?


We have discussed this before on forums and a lot of people thought we are crazy, started attacking us and tried to ruin our reputation…

Why would a SEO provider advise you not to buy SEO services? – their reaction

Because it’s the truth. Being a SEO provider, does not mean we are the best or that we can build links better than yourself. People should know that. Everyone should consider building links themselves, rather than spending money for someone else to do it. When you do your link building yourself, you have control over the quality. You can choose where your website is displayed, who is linking back to you and who is not. If you decide to buy SEO, you don’t have control over anything. Some people will just spam your website to death and you will end up broke and stuck, not knowing how to proceed and how to resolve the issues that popped from that. In conclusion, if you still end up deciding to use a SEO provider, you need to be careful with your choice. Always check for reviews and previous history before buying.